The Group      
Helping organizations ‘be part of the solution’ since 2009

Group IV Solar is a disruption orientated turnkey energy systems developer and sustainability consultancy. We serve primary industries such as mining and agriculture as well as the commercial, industrial & institutional markets. Residential systems are our latest endeavour and we have been in operation since 2009.

Group IV Solar is made up of a passionate and diverse team of serial entrepreneurs, business consultants, mining and investment banking specialists. The leadership at Group IV Solar has a rich background in spearheading groundbreaking ventures with a proven track record of being at the forefront of their respective fields.

The History      
Evolving from solar into Distributed Energy Resources

Founded in Toronto, Canada, Group IV Solar’s roots are in solar (as our name may suggest) with our first projects being utility-scale, ground-mount solar plants and its President held leadership roles within several industry organizations.

The world has changed since 2009 and so have we. Solar is just the tip of spear when it comes to Distributed Energy Resources and increasing DER penetration is just the first step towards authentic economic sustainability. With projects ranging from traditional solar to microgrids and EV infrastructure, Group IV Solar is at the forefront of the movement towards democratizing power.

We take a technology (and fuel source) agnostic approach to systems analysis at every level of an organization. DERs represents the future of the power system and provide tremendous benefits to both site hosts as well as utilities.

The Philosophy        
Be more competitive by generating your own power

From agribusiness to net zero targeting, savvy stakeholders increasingly see the resiliency value in taking control of their own resources. This is where Group IV Solar lives and we are at the cutting edge of implementing technologies which push this philosophy forward.

While sustainability and cost containment used to be thought of as incompatible priorities, when generating your own power becomes cheaper than the grid, it has truly game changing consequences. Group IV Solar can make this a reality. Generating your own (cheaper) power reduces your operating costs making your organization more efficient, and therefore more competitive.

In leading a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and helping to create a sustainable future, our mission can be summarized by five words: be part of the solution.

Sustainability done right     
Not just words

Group IV Solar is firmly and passionately dedicated to its corporate culture that has a bottom line going beyond the mere financial and includes values such as stewardship and a community orientation. We defend an authentic commitment to these values in the only way possible: through action and living them . Whether it is training employees in zero-waste living or supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, Group IV Solar is proud to see change being created around us everyday.

By empowering our most important stakeholders and disrupting the status quo, Group IV Solar is helping to secure a sustainable future.

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